Welcome to Markaz Attawheed in Leicester, UK




Markaz Attawheed runs an evening children’s madrasah. In our curriculum, it includes Qur’an studies, tajweed, aqeedah, stories of the Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, Islamic etiquettes and teaching of the prayer (salah). Our aim is to enable our pupils to read the Quran fluently and gain knowledge of the pillar and obligations of Islam.


TAFSIR, the purpose of tafsir is to find out the true meanings of the verses of Qur’an so as to acquaint ourselves with the right and true message of Qur’an.

Currently, Markaz Attawheed offers weekly tafsir lectures and Ahadith lectures (a genuine report attributed to our Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, describing his words and actions) for our community. These lectures are delivered by Sheikh Aweys Khalif.


With its rich collection of Islamic books, the library has a large selection of very valuable, wide-ranging titles on the major branches of Islamic knowledge.


In the building of our Markaz there is an independent coffee shop offers a coffee, tea, snacks and sandwiches.